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When after hours security is important to your business or you need to restrict unauthorised entry to your carpark building.  Roller grilles offer security, vision and airflow that allows retailers to display products and maximise afterhours browsing.  Choose from lightweight 12mm aluminium tubes linked together with nylon links in a brickwork pattern or the heavy duty high tensile 19mm grille with aluminium joining links which is ideal for carpark buildings or areas requiring higher security allowing controlled user access via motorised remote control systems, underground vehicle sensors or timers.  

Roller shutters are available in solid aluminium or clear polycarbonate which allows you to choose the level of vision after hours. With a compact barrel design the door rolls up completely out of site when fully open, and can be installed into the ceiling cavity or bulkhead. Extruded heavy duty aluminium guides are designed for high cycle operation and ease of use.

  • Scotty 12mm & 19mm Roller Grille Doors
    Designed for security, vision and airflow. Horizontal 12.7mm satin anodised aluminium tubes are connected by nylon links in a brickwork pattern. The heavy duty grille has 19mm tubes separated 50mm apart by high tensile aluminium joining links. Manual or motorised. For more information - Call us now for a free measure & quote.
  • Scotty Aluminium Roller Shutter
    Solid vision aluminium roller shutters have extruded aluminium interlocking slats ideal when concealment and securuty is required or choose For more information - Call us now for a free measure & quote.
  • Clear polycarbonate slats with aluminium joining rails are designed for security and high levels of visability with a stylish design. For more information - Call us now for a free measure & quote.

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