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Enjoy the convenience, safety and security you always get with a Garador™ garage door opener.  Quiet and quick operation, a great range of features including pet or vacation mode.  Soft start/stop DC motor with in built Intelligent Safety System (ISS) multi-frequency coding system that overcomes increasing interference within your neighbourhood. 

Whisper quiet operation perfect for households with young children, shift workers or teenagers who arrive home in the middle of the night.  No more waking up the whole household when a family member comes home late.  

               Garador™ GDO-11                            Keeping you Safe                    Garador™ GDO-10 Toro  

               Car Safety                                     Owners Manuals                         Garador™ GDO-09

Your garage door opens and closes up to 2500 times a year!  With this in mind Garador™ has introduced the GDO-11 chain drive and the super quiet GDO-9 cam belt motors with exceptional features including Triocode™, which  has virtually put an end to those annoying interference issues that you get with other brands, keeping you and your family more secure.  Very compact up to 800N torque and very smart looking on your garage ceiling!  



 NEW! Smart Phone Control Kit                                                                   The reliable next generation smart way to control your garage door.                            Smart Control - Simple Operation                            Secure Home Access

 We also stock DITEC, Grifco, Merlin and Guardian remotes including TRV300 Tilt-a-matic and Parker replacement remotes.

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      YOU'RE IN CONTROL    Download the Garador™ Smart Phone Kit Brochure below

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